30 Minute At Home Workout

This 30 minute body burn workout is a complete body weight workout you can do in the comfort of your home. Designed for ALL fitness levels. Below is the description is the workout moves in sequence and timing. Be sure to hydrate throughout, take additional breaks as needed (5sec max unless a prescribed break), maintain proper form, and stretch at the beginning and end.

Sequence 1: (2mins of Work, 1 min break - Repeat 3 times) 8 Lateral Jacks 8 High Knees 8 Mountain Climbers

Modified: Modified Jumping Jacks (Single Leg Step Outs) Stationary Knee Raises Plank hold-Leg Walk Ins

Sequence 2: (2mins of Work, 1 min break - Repeat 3 times) Long Jump/Triple Hop Backs Skiers aka Skater Jumps

Modified: Forward/Reverse Low Duck Walk Skier/Skater without jump

Sequence 3: (2mins of Work, 1 min break - Repeat 3 times) Advance: Double Explosive Touch Down Burpee with jump

Super Advance: Double Explosive Touch Down Burpee-Knee In's-Push Up

Modified: Double Touch Down with single step outs Burpee Walk Out to Tip Toe Reach

The workout should total around 30mins if dont correctly. Each sequence with the 1min breaks should take 8mins. During your 1min break, DO NOT just sit or stop moving. Walk around in your area or do boxer shuffles to keep the heart elevated. The final 4-6 minutes should consist of you stretching and bringing the heart rate back down to a resting rate. Choose music to keep you pumped but then choose music such as Zen to play for your stretch portion at the end.


- BodyByZé

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