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We strive to impact as many lives as possible in a positive way through wellness, and ​life coaching. 

In collaboration with our partners & affiliates, we provide you with the knowledge, skills, guidance, support and motivation to live an overall positive life. We provide safe and effective programs tailored to the individual and/or group. We take a holistic approach to wellness and life coaching. 



From 265 to 165, Zé made the decision to change his life and never looked back since that day. Now maintaining around 175 pounds of lean muscle, he is now helping to change others lives.  At that moment back in his early 20's, Zé decided  that he wanted to LIVE with and on PURPOSE! 

Losing his father at a young age from Coronary Artery Disease and his mother in 2015 to Colon Cancer who was his world. Zé has reasons to not only live on and with purpose but to make sure that each and every life he inspires is inspired to do just the same.

His journey is one that many can relate to because it is one that involves growth. From low self esteem, finding ones self, overcoming obstacles, growing into a person with humble confidence and an energy and personality that encourages others to love themselves and believe in the possible. Zé embodies the type of motivator everyone needs in their life. From health, to fitness, to life coaching, to just a listening ear that actively listens. His creativity and innovative thinking is very rare and sought after by many.